Casa Tarradellas

The Casa Tarradellas foundation was funded in 1976, dedicating itself to the food sector and gradually being considered one of the largest companies in the spanish reigon. this company has evolved rappidly  over the years. It started as a family-owned business, but thanks to the success of its Espetec whip, which, was launched 2 years after the funding of the company. they have managed to expand the company into a public company and a corporate structure that they still own today. Years later, they revolutionized the market with the launch of their fresh frozen  pizzas, a product that until this day had always been frozen until this innovation. This disrupted the company as one of the great leaders in the frozen pizza market and made the brand also a leader in the frozen pizza industry. The company managed to position itself as one of the pioneers inserting these new products in the Spanish market, achieving an exponential growth of it.