In conclusion, Gurb will evolve like all other places and in its companies will reduce the number of workers as machine robots will do much more work, the industry will bet on renewable energy as they are cleaner, less polluting and help the world. Everything would be done more by machines and less by people. People will have to look for new jobs jobs that we don’t know about . We believe that at home, we will be moving towards more modern, voice-enabled (home automation) homes, but we believe that the most important thing is for homes to evolve to a more sustainable and less dependent model of polluting energies. The population will grow and the people will live better, there will be new cares and thanks to the new medicines people will be able to live longer, although each time they have fewer children and the birth rate is becoming smaller. A lot of the peasantry will disappear, as many fields will disappear and new technologies will be more important than the traditional techniques, the councils will prioritize the industrial areas than the rural ones as on the industrial land they can earn much more money than in the other