Granja Armengol

The Armengol farmhouse is located in the municipality of Vic (Osona) and was acquired by Guillem Armengol on May 19, 1086.

Armengol Farm is a family business created by Ramon Pujol Grau in 1951 and we are dedicated to the production of natural, fresh and very healthy dairy foods.

In 1955 we opened the first dairy in Vic and started making cream and butter. In the early years, we sold milk raw and in bulk, it was brought to the store morning and afternoon so it was milking and still hot, and people came to find it with a home jar.

As for the staff who work with us, we try to take care of everyone’s well-being and try to make everyone proud of their contribution. We collaborate with the service of training and labor insertion EINA, of the association Sant Tomàs for people with disabilities.